Small CNC

Before any actual production, a prototype will be made through a small CNC to allow our customer to preview a product appearance.

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Wood gluing machines

This is a machine specifically used to glue planks together, with rollers to roll the glue evenly layer by layer.

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Panel Saw

A large automatic cutting board machine, completely automatic, with a high performance cutting speed, which would be important in mass production.

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Wooden Board Joining Machines

In order to cope with different sizes of multi-commodity, this machine is one of the most powerful assistant, you can splice the required material size, while being less likely to deform and wear out materials.

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Large CNC

A 4 x 8 foot large-scale automatic CNC, in addition to large processing area, a more automatic tool function, and two working range, at the same time both can work together. With a strong suction at the bottom, pieces can be firmly sucked on the table, at the same time greatly improving the accuracy of the product.

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Automatic Wide Belt Sander

This machine is designed with double sandpaper belt, a thicker sandpaper and a more detailed sandpaper; at the entrance is a row of spiral knife, so that rough wood into the process can be met through a detailed finish.

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Automatic Copy Shaper

This machine can produce different sizes of circular cuts, as well as squares and polygons, etc., A custom tool can be used to produce a variety of arc, and waves of the border.

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Twin Circular Sawing Machines

A machine designed for double cutting, dealing with frames of all sizes with the highest efficiency.

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Laser Engraving Machine

A machine that can apply to all kinds of engraving, like puzzles, toys and thin wood plate cutting, without the limit of materials.

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Milling Machines

This machine can be almost versatile,washing all kinds of trenches, whether large and small.

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Spindle Shaper

A machine for trimming, line marking and adding decorations to semi-finished products.

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Manual Adhesion

When our planks are cut after the completion of the adhesive part, we carefully select the texture of each piece of wood, trying to find the best way to put them together, with the excess residue wiped off to increase the sophistication of the finished product.

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Cordless Grinder Machines

A machine that functions at the final processing of a wood product, using the finest sandpaper, doing it’s final varnishing.

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Packaging and Shipping

We will focus on the details of each item, by passing through layers of quality control, at the same time paying great attention to personal hygiene, and fingerprint problems and more.

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Whether be it children’s toy, custom storage, mass produced crafts, home furnishing and more. Our creative experience is far beyond your expectations.



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